Rock 'n' Roll Johnny Bod
When Rock 'n' Roll Johnny was a baby, his mom would put a transistor radio in his crib to keep him occupied while she did chores in the house. Fortunately, the radio was tuned to WINS, the premier rock 'n' roll radio station in New York City at the time. Who knows how things might have turned out had that radio been tuned to a station with a different format. Little Rock 'n' Roll Johnny spent many days trying to figure out how the disc jockeys and the singers of the pop hits all fit inside that tiny transistor radio.
By the time Johnny graduated from engineering school, he had listened to hours and hours of Beatles, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Phil Spector, Bob Dylan and Motown music. He had learned to play piano, guitar, drums and bass. He had written and recorded songs with his high school friend, Claude Alpert. And he learned how all of those people fit inside the tiny radios.
Rock'n'Roll Johnny is now back to writing, recording and playing music in clubs. It keeps him happy and out of trouble.